Who are we?

MobiLocator is an online platform on which you can use a mobile geolocation service developed by us. MobiLocator is a solution developed by our teams and is mainly aimed at individuals. Mobile geolocation is usually reserved for professionals; we wanted to make it accessible to everyone.

The geolocation solution that we offer you is a completely legal and secure solution. It is essential for us to offer a legal solution to our customers. So, for our solution to be effective we only need that the person using the phone at that moment gives the agreement to share the position of the phone.

Today our solution allows us to know where a member of our family is, and it is with this objective in mind that our solution was developed.

Why choose MobiLocator?

Accessible Service

Without downloading and accessible from any device, our geolocation solution is the most adapted! From your computer or your phone, access your personal space to your geolocation history.

A 100% secure geolocation service

In addition to being 100% legal, our mobile location service is highly secure. All actions performed on the site and all data transmitted are encrypted, ous and confidential.

A 100% efficient geolocation service

Our service allows you to locate a mobile phone anywhere in the world with great accuracy. Thanks to this technique, you can even track the movements of a mobile in real time.

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